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Your journey to a better place starts here.

Being a child in a world filled with hectic schedules, high demands, divided families, bullies, and confusing media messages is hard.  Parenting the children facing these challenges is hard, as they often display anxiety, anger, or other behavior issues.  It can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.  The good news is that this journey does not have to be faced alone.  With a focus on compassion, connection, and what is developmentally appropriate, Nova Cesta Counseling can provide support and guidance through these challenges.  Whether you are an adult, child, teen, parent, or whole family, Nova Cesta has counseling services that fit your needs.

Nova Cesta Counseling is owned by Megan Krizan, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist.  She has extensive training and experience working with children and parents, as well as teens and adults.  She frequently speaks and writes about child development, parenting, and classroom management.  Megan is passionate about helping families connect and children thrive.  She considers it a great privilege to be allowed to walk with people on their life journey.