About Megan Krizan, MEd, LPC-S, RPT

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The owner of Nova Cesta Counseling is Megan Krizan, MEd., Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, and Registered Play Therapist.  Megan has been in the business of working with children for over 20 years.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M, she became an elementary school teacher in 1999.  While teaching, Megan earned her Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas, home of the Center for Play Therapy.  Soon after she became an elementary school counselor.  Megan chose to spend 4 years as a stay-at-home mom with her two daughters, and wouldn’t trade the joys and challenges of that job for anything.  She has been working with children, adolescents, teens, families, and adults in a private practice setting since 2009.  She also enjoys speaking to parenting groups, churches, and schools.  Helping children flourish and families grow closer is Megan’s passion.  Megan has been married to her best friend, Paul, since 1999 and they have two beautiful daughters, Ariana and Avery.  Avery was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes shortly after turning 5, which has given Megan a unique understanding of the challenges faced by parents of a child with a chronic medical condition.

Megan believes that as a counselor she has been invited to walk beside her clients as a non-judgmental companion and guide as they traverse the challenges of life.  To be extended this invitation is the highest honor, and she strives to treat each person, no matter what age, with dignity, compassion, and respect while on their journey together.  It is because of this that Megan chose the name Nova Cesta for her practice, which means New Journey in Czech.

Speaking Topics

Megan is available to speak on a variety of topics related to parenting, play, and child behavior.  Example topics include:

  • The Building Blocks of Connection: Tools for Enhancing the Child Parent Relationship

  • Limit Setting Made Simple: ACT and See Results

  • Calming the Emotional Storm: What to Do When Your Child’s Feelings Are Out of Control

  • The Power of Choice Giving: Taking Back Control, While Giving It Away.

  • Solving Problems with Your Child

  • Encourage Their Potential: How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Self-motivation

  • Making Time With Your Child QUALITY Time

  • How to Have Family (or Class) Meetings

  • Play – Understanding the Language of Children

  • Connecting and Redirecting: Understanding Misbehavior in Your Classroom and What to Do About It.

  • Answering the Hard Questions – Talking to Your Children About Death, Sex, and Other Difficult Topics

  • How to Deliver Difficult Feedback (to staff or parents)

  • Sowing the Seeds of Empathy: Understanding the Emotional/Social Development of Children, Ages Birth to 3 Years

  • A Grab Bag of Activities: Quick Counseling Activities for Small Groups

  • The Mistaken Goals of Misbehavior and Personality Priorities

  • The Sibling Challenge

Other topics are available upon request. All topics can be tailored to parents, teachers, or child-care workers.